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cityscaper envisions the future. You take your smartphone, point it towards a construction site, and… BAM! You can experience the future buildings 1 to 1 in front of you. Using this simple user flow, we support cities to improve public participation in urban planning and help project developers to market their new buildings. Still not excited? Well, we can even revive history by showing tourists how prestigious buildings looked 100 years ago.

Recently founded, cityscaper grew by more than 100 % this year and is already used by several cities throughout Germany. By joining our team you will become part of a startup community that combines cutting-edge technology with social impact. We don’t simply grow for profits, but to have an impact on how citizens transform their cities into a sustainable future.

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Branche: Architektur, Bauwesen und Gebäudetechnik, Energie, Wasser und Umwelt (Ver- und Entsorgung), IT und Software, Öffentlicher Dienst, Verbände und gemeinnützige Organisationen

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